Handcrafted french candle




The french handcrafted candle by Clément 

The french artist creates a luxury french candle handcrafted in his workshop in France. He imagines and handcrafts the precious candle container in earthenware, then he chooses the best ingredients to create a natural and vegan candle perfumed with biological essential oils.

A precious candle container

The container has been designed by the artist. The shape has been finely thought to bring a modern and unique aesthetic to the candle. Handcrafted by the ceramist in his workshop in France, the candle container becomes a ceramic candle holder at the end.


The best ingredients for a french luxury candle.

Each candle is composed of 12 grams of biological essential oils, european soya wax and a biological coco oil. Then, this candle is only made of natural and ethical products. There are no synthetic products like paraffin, and no controversial products like stearin. 


Good for people and respectful of the planet.

This candle represents a passionate work that focuses on the container, the scent, and the quality of ingredients. Therefore, we chose to create a minimal packaging composed of a removable label and a recycled craft.


With and without perfume. 

Because sometimes we want to burn a candle without scent, this one is available with or without perfume. 


Technical details:

Average capacity: 200g
Composition: European soya wax without pesticides, biological coco oil, biological essential oils. 100% cotton  wick. French handcrafted earthenware container.
Handcrafted in France.


Each order is delivered with Colissimo with a signature.

Orders are prepared under 3 days.

Broken Product

We are doing the best to deliver your object with a natural protection (without plastic).
If you discover a broken object at the receipt of your package, send us a picture of the problem and we will proceed to the replacement or to the refund.


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